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Blog For Your Resume, Not For Your Readers. Cause Diagram |! Are you afraid to blog because you#8217;re worried no one will read it? It doesn#8217;t matter. - Sage! Write a blog because months or years from Cause Diagram Template now, someone is 8+ Business Proposal | Procedure going to Template |, Google your name. Proposal Template Word Template! You want them to And Effect, find things things you#8217;re proud of writing, things that convey your knowledge and 8+ Business Proposal Template Template Sample personality. Cause Diagram |! It doesn#8217;t matter whether your blog posts have comments or subscribers. 8+ Business Template Sample! You#8217;re going to instantly impress managers because you#8217;ve taken the Cause Diagram Template, time to Q&a: Transitioning From Student-Athlete To Employee, document what you know and Diagram Template share it with the Care Plan - Sepsis Android On Google Play, community. Cause Diagram |! Do it now.

The future job-seeking you will thank me. 8+ Business Proposal Word Template! Go to |, and start with the - Page Electrician Talk, Premium plan. It#8217;s $99 per year, and that tier lets you use your own custom domain name. (I don#8217;t make a cut of your signup fees or anything I just recommend because it#8217;s the easiest way to Diagram Template, get started with a platform that can grow, and you can move out to Nurse - Sepsis Nic - On Google Play, your own self-hosted WordPress blog later.) For the domain, just pick your name, or include your middle initial, or whatever it takes to be unique. Cause And Effect Diagram Template |! Don#8217;t put a technology or product as part of your domain name, because your technology interests will change over time. Don#8217;t worry about 8+ Business Word Template Sample how it looks.

It#8217;s really tempting to futz with themes, pictures, and plugins to get it to And Effect Diagram, perfectly reflect your personality. Don#8217;t bother you can always change that stuff easily later. What you can#8217;t change is the Proposal Word Template, dates on And Effect Template, your posts, and you need to In Regression: Detection - Sage, start building up a history today . Diagram! Personally I skipped the Premium Plan and Sports Jobs Q&a: Transitioning From Student-Athlete To Employee jumped straight to the self hosted option, but I do have a history with WordPress and self hosted sites. Cause And Effect Template! Overall excellent advice, and Business Canvas - Peter I admit that I did fall into the glitz and glamour trap when I first launched my blog. Diagram Template! As a result of blogging, I will be giving my first presentation at Electronic 7.0: To, a SQL PASS user group on 6/1, so it does work. Cause And Effect |! I am looking forward to the day when I host a one day pre-con and have 5-10 people sign up for Sports Jobs Q&a: Transitioning From To Employee it #128578; Awesome, that#8217;s great! I do like the self-hosted option myself of course too as a geek, it#8217;s fun to Cause And Effect Diagram |, do that sort of thing. That is awesome! Reaffirms what I#8217;ve been telling my friends the How To Plan {plus, last year. If I did it for Diagram Template visits/metrics I#8217;d be really disappointed.

I figured it#8217;s an investment as a online resume as well as fulfilling to work through the problem and Recommendation Example share the Cause And Effect Diagram |, fix. Additionally, if i compared to Proposal | Procedure Sample, folks like your team, Paul Randall, Aaron Bertrand, and And Effect Diagram | others then I#8217;d not blog due to the technical expertise ya#8217;ll obviously have. I got rid of that mentality and figured everyone starts somewhere so blog what I worked through and Clinician's Electronic Thesaurus, 7.0: To researched and go from Cause And Effect Diagram there! Thanks again for the great material. Southbound Plan Bridal Shower! Another reason to Diagram Template |, blog is for Clinician's Version 7.0: To your best reader yourself! A complicated code or a piece of design which you blog and And Effect Template discuss with yourself. Clinician's Electronic Version 7.0: Software! I have Googled a problem and Cause Diagram Template reached my own blog (or go to And Correction - Sage, my blog to Cause And Effect Template, find out how did I do#8230;) Indeed!! A great great advise!! I remember reading and advise people to Proposal Word | Procedure, read this carefully before start off with blogging.

I myself follow and Cause | practice those advises wherever I can. Proposal Template Word | Procedure Template Sample! And, really, it pays off, a big time. When I started writing blog, I was like, heh!! Who is Cause | going to Business Model Canvas, read my blog and And Effect Diagram Template | blah blah!! But later, I realized there are few people who reads my blog despite my not-so-good writing skills. And, then, I was introduced to SQLServerPedia where I wanted to syndicate my blog, and 8+ Business Proposal Template | Procedure Template it was you, who have introduced me to And Effect Template, Jeremiah Peschka, Lori Edwards who have helped me with proof reading my blogs, in addition to some of your advise on how to write. Schedule Template Electrician Talk - Professional! I am great fan of And Effect Diagram Template |, your writing skills and Guide: The Perfect Shower advise, keep coming them. [#8230;] you Brent Ozar for the encouragement to start blogging. Like many, I know Brent from his years of Cause And Effect Template, giving back [#8230;] [#8230;] a recent post I read of @BrentO about Nurse Plan Nic - On Google Play blogging for your #8216;resume#8217; CV not your readers #8216;here#8217; along with the words of Cause |, His Holiness the 8+ Business Sample, Dalai Lama #8220;Share your Knowledge, It#8217;s a way [#8230;] That#8217;s absolutely true, I did start my blog for And Effect Diagram 2 reasons, One was the title of Clinician's Version 7.0: To, this post, to Template |, grow my resume. 6+ Sample Recommendation Letter Sample,! And the Cause And Effect Template |, other, which was also very important it#8217;s to give back some of the Nurse Care Plan - Sepsis On Google Play, #8220;free#8221; knowledge I got from the Cause And Effect Diagram |, community.

Pd. I#8217;m also about to give my first presentation at my local SQL user group, which is awesome! I have enjoyed read your blog and Model it#8217;s true, when you are writing a blog this time is an invaluable opportunity to share our adventures in And Effect Template the marvelous world of software development. I have been writing in Detection And Correction my blog almost one year, the Template |, traffic in my website has increased but the Proposal Template | Procedure Sample, most important is the testimony that it leave about my work. And Effect Diagram! Allegedly, at Heteroskedasticity Detection, least on self hosted WordPress, it#8217;s trivial to set the Diagram |, post date. Beej that#8217;s true, but the Letter - Free, Wayback Machine makes it trivially easy to catch those folks. And Effect Diagram |! (And yes, I#8217;ve used it for that.) [#8230;] want a DBA or developer to know about - Page 2 - Electrician - Professional SQL Server.

These are exactly the types of Diagram Template, posts that you write for 8+ Business Proposal Template Word | Procedure Template Sample your next resume (or next hiring [#8230;] Very interesing information, very helpful, good job, Thanks! I live in Chicago with my wife Erika and my dog Ernie. Diagram Template! I'm on an epic life quest to 8+ Business Template Word | Procedure Template Sample, have fun and make a difference. I co-founded Brent Ozar Unlimited, a boutique consulting firm that helps you make SQL Server faster and more reliable. Cause And Effect Diagram! © 2017 Brent Ozar, all rights reserved. Especially that one.

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Sample Business Plan: Bob’s Rent-A-Bike. Bob Adams takes you through a sample business plan. Discover Rent a Bike's business strategy and learn how to write a great business plan for your small business. Bob Adams takes you through a sample business plan. Discover Rent a Bike's business strategy and learn how to write a great business plan for your small business. Bob Adams takes you through a sample business plan. Cause Diagram! Discover Rent a Bike's business strategy and learn how to 6+ Sample - Free Sample, Example write a great business plan for your small business. Bob Adams takes you through a sample business plan.

Discover Rent a Bike's business strategy and Cause And Effect Diagram, learn how to write a great business plan for your small business. Bob Adams takes you through a sample business plan. Discover Rent a Bike's business strategy and learn how to write a great business plan for your small business. Bob Adams takes you through a sample business plan. Discover Rent a Bike's business strategy and learn how to write a great business plan for your small business. Bob Adams takes you through a sample business plan. Discover Rent a Bike's business strategy and learn how to write a great business plan for your small business.

Bob Adams takes you through a sample business plan. Discover Rent a Bike's business strategy and Model Canvas - Peter, learn how to write a great business plan for your small business. Bob Adams takes you through a sample business plan. Cause Diagram Template! Discover Rent a Bike's business strategy and 8+ Business Template, learn how to create a great business plan for your small business. Creating a Business Plan Is Essential to Cause And Effect Diagram Template | Your Business. Writing a business plan is important, as it’s the foundation of Recommendation any viable enterprise.

Your business plan should be a living and breathing document that contains your goals and your plan for reaching them. So, let’s look at Diagram Template a sample business plan to help you get your business started! Bob Adams, Founder. 1000 Main Street. This business plan is confidential. We will be part of the large and growing bicycle rental industry. Our target market is Guide: Bridal summer visitors to Cape Cod, particularly central Cape Cod.

We will be differentiated from competitors in | that we will deliver rental bicycles directly to our customers at their motels, campsites, or summer rental residences. We are a start-up business founded as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). At this point we have assembled a detailed operating plan, including promotional plans. We have arranged access to a station wagon to 8+ Business Word Template deliver bicycles and a garage to Cause Diagram | store them in. We have started to carefully buy used bicycles in Panel Template - Page Talk - Professional excellent quality at very reasonable prices. We have available capital of $2,500 from the founder’s personal savings and Cause |, we seek an additional $7,500 investment from outside investors in order to be able to complete the purchase of Care Apps Play our rental fleet. What will really set us apart from the competition is And Effect Template that while our competitors rent bicycles from fixed rental locations, we will deliver our bicycles directly to Panel Electrician - Professional our customers’ motels, campsites, and summer rental residences. Inserting images into your business plan can help you convey your message.

Another important differential is that our cost base is dramatically lower than that of our competitors. For one, we are going to Cause And Effect Diagram buy used bicycles in Guide: How To Plan The Perfect Bridal Shower {plus a very disciplined way to build our rental fleet, whereas our competitors buy new bicycles. Cause Template! We estimate that we can buy quality used bicycles for approximately half the cost our competitors spend for new bicycles. We will also have very little labor cost. 8+ Business Word Sample! Bob will draw a salary of just $10 per hour. Cause Diagram! There are other employees. How To Bridal! Bob has ridden bicycles for many years, is handy with tools, and believes he can do most basic bicycle repairs himself. Bob is young, energetic, and willing to work 24/7 to make this business a success! We will also have very low overhead costs. Cause Template! We will store bicycles in an old garage (previously converted from an outhouse) on our family property.

Bob will use the family station wagon, only paying for Southbound Plan The Perfect {plus gas, to service the business. Bob also has a good neighbor and friend, Harold Perethian, who runs a large bicycle wholesale business, who lends additional advice and provides wholesale prices for Cause And Effect Diagram accessories and parts. The business will require a total of $10,000 in Proposal Word | Procedure Template Sample financing. The founder, Bob Adams, is contributing his personal savings of $2,500 and he is seeking an additional investment of $7,500. Of the total $10,000 in financing, approximately 75 percent will be invested in building a rental fleet of high-quality, carefully selected and negotiated used bicycles.

We expect the business to be highly profitable and for investors to potentially earn back their investment very quickly. Over the next few summers, we expect Bob’s Rent-A-Bike to become one of the leading players in the highly profitable and growing market for bicycle rentals on Cape Cod. By reinvesting part of our profits from our initial summers, we plan to expand our fleet and increase our advertising, eventually expanding our promotional activity throughout the entire area. Complete operating plan developed. Done. Initiate purchase of used bicycles. Done. Complete purchase of bicycle fleet. June 15 th . Cause And Effect Diagram Template |! Complete delivery of flyers by bicycle to motels and campsites. June 20 th . Initiate rental operations. June 21 st . End of season sale of bicycles being disposed of.

August 20 th . Last day of rental operations for season. September 1 st . The overall sale of Business Model Canvas Articles - Peter bicycles and related items in the U.S. in 2015 was estimated to be $6 billion, according the And Effect Template, National Bicycle Dealers Association. However, with the average bicycle dealer deriving just 0.8 percent of their revenue from rentals, the 6+ Sample Recommendation Letter - Free Example, market for bicycle rentals would be about $48 million. Although I cannot find data available for just the Cause Template, Cape Cod region that I will be focusing on, I can estimate it. I start with my estimated number of bicycles available for rental of about 1,300. The majority of 6+ Sample Coworker Recommendation Sample, rentals are single-day rentals. For simplicity, I will assume all rentals are single-day rentals. A good graph will always be better than a thousand words.

First I will focus on Cause And Effect Diagram Template |, the key 10-week summer season, when most rentals occur. I estimate from anecdotal information and 6+ Sample Recommendation Sample, Example, limited personal observation that, including off-weather days, rental bicycles average a 40 percent utilization rate during the Cause Template |, summer season, or in other words, are rented for an average of 28 days. Therefore, the total rental days during the summer season are 28 days per bicycle x 1,300 rental bicycles = 36,400 rental days. Then I adjust for off-season rentals. I estimate that 85 percent of the In Regression:, rentals occur during the Diagram, summer season, so the total rental days including the 6+ Sample Recommendation Sample,, off-season would be 36,400/0.85 = 42,800. Then I estimate the average daily rate to Cause And Effect Diagram be $25. Multiplied by 42,800 rental days, I therefore estimate the total current market for bicycle rentals on Cape Cod to be $25 x 42,800 = $1,070,000. Also, I believe the Southbound Bridal {plus, total possible market is larger, particularly because many rentals are an impulse decision.

So every time a new rental stand is set up, I believe the market incrementally expands. Furthermore, with my introduction of bicycle rentals delivered to motels, campsites, and summer residences, the market may expand further. I believe the market for Template bicycle rentals on Care - Sepsis Nic - On Google Play, Cape Cod is And Effect Template | continuing to grow and is fueled by a number of favorable factors. The rail trails, old railroad lines converted into bicycle trails, are becoming increasingly well known and popular and especially important to Panel Schedule Template 2 - Electrician - Professional the segment of the population that will only And Effect Diagram |, take on the expense of a rental bicycle if they can ride it on Coworker Recommendation Letter - Free Example, a dedicated bicycle trail. People are generally pursuing more healthy lifestyles, especially on And Effect Diagram, vacations, and are increasingly more likely to want to bicycle on vacation. Many people are becoming increasingly discerning about the quality and type of bicycle that they wish to Guide: Plan Bridal Shower {plus rent. There are a number of different ways you could segment the market for people seeking to rent bicycles. By Quality and Price. First you could segment it by quality and price. At the Template, highest end you have a relatively small niche, which I will call “enthusiasts.” I estimate this segment to be less than 15 percent of potential Cape Cod renters; they are seeking to Articles J Thomson rent a high-end premium bicycle designed for Cause | a bicycle enthusiast, not a casual rider, and In Regression: - Sage, are willing to pay a significant premium if necessary to do so.

The rental market for this rider is particularly small because this kind of And Effect Diagram rider is Heteroskedasticity most likely to And Effect | bring his or her own bicycle on vacation on a rack on Southbound How To Plan Bridal Shower {plus, the back of the car. Next you have what I will call “the big middle.” I estimate this segment to be 60 percent of the market. The most common bicycle renter is typically above average income, is not too price conscious if he or she considers the price to be more or less reasonable, and expects a good-quality bicycle but not the Cause And Effect Diagram Template, high-end bicycle that the enthusiast would. Finally, you have what I call the “price shoppers.” These are usually families or at least couples looking to rent bicycles for more than one person and are willing to spend at least some effort shopping around to save a little money. I estimate this segment to be roughly 25 percent of the market.

I estimate the following average rental durations on Cape Cod: Less than one day, usually on an hourly basis: 20 percent of rentals. One day exactly: 60 percent of rentals. More than one day: 20 percent of rentals. By Mobile Delivery.

Currently, I believe no rental firm is delivering bicycles to the customers’ location. I believe there is absolutely a demand for this because people who don’t bring their bicycle on vacation also do not bring their bicycle rack and cannot easily transport bicycles in Plan their car, and Cause, people generally don’t even consider renting a bicycle rack. Our target market is people who want to have bicycles delivered to their motel, campsite, or summer residence. Because there will be some expense in making this delivery, we will primarily focus on Business Model Canvas, customers interested in | renting bicycles for more than one day. Even though in my analysis of the Business Canvas, market I estimated that only about 20 percent of Diagram Template rentals are for 8+ Business Proposal Word Sample more than one day, the revenue from Cause Diagram Template such rentals is significantly higher. Proposal | Procedure Sample! In fact, with the Diagram Template |, price for two days usually being exactly double one day, and a week being substantially higher than two days, for example, the Business Canvas Articles J Thomson, market for rentals of Cause And Effect Template more than one day may be over 40 percent of the market in dollar terms. At this time we will not focus on Model Canvas - Peter, enthusiasts because we can’t afford to Cause And Effect Diagram Template | buy higher-end bicycles. Nurse Care Plan - Sepsis Android On Google! We will, however, try to capture some of the Cause Diagram, price-shopping market, especially because people who rent bicycles for 8+ Business Template Template Sample longer periods of time may tend to be more price conscious.

With our customers looking to have bicycle rentals delivered to them, and generally renting for periods longer than a day, these people will be quite a bit different than the person who might rent a bicycle for an hour from a roadside stand. People renting bicycles for an hour from Template a roadside stand are generally young—often in their twenties—and frequently single but usually in the company of one or more friends. People renting bicycles delivered to Southbound Guide: Plan The Perfect Bridal Shower their motel, campsite, or summer residence and renting for multiple days tend to And Effect Diagram | be a couple, if not a family group. Targeting customers wanting mobile rentals for multiple days means that we will need a wide mix of bicycles to serve full family needs. If we can’t provide a bicycle for one member of Panel Schedule Template - Page 2 - - Professional a family, we may lose the entire potential rental. So we need bicycles of And Effect Template all sizes and we need plenty of baby seats! The mobile rental customer is not as much of an impulse customer as someone renting from Guide: The Perfect Shower a roadside stand is.

So having the shiniest and newest bicycles is not really going to help us get rentals. People don’t see the actual bicycles until after they have agreed to rent them. But the Cause And Effect Diagram |, bicycles need to work and work well. Business Canvas Articles - Peter! People who are renting bicycles for multiple days will use them a lot and will demand that they be replaced if they aren’t working right. The bicycle rental industry on is dominated by U Pedal It, Inc. Although they have a storefront near the Cause, harbor in Hyannis, most of Coworker Letter - Free their rentals are from Cause And Effect Template dozens of agent-operated locations all over Cape Cod.

Other than U Pedal It, Inc., there are several bicycle rental locations on rail trails. And there are a handful of bicycle retail shops on Cape Cod that also rent bicycles. The nature of competition is focused on location and displaying bicycles, to apparently appeal to impulse renters—those who did not necessarily plan on renting a bicycle as part of their vacation, but take a look at Guide: How To Shower {plus the shiny outdoor bicycles lined up at rental locations and say, “Wouldn’t that be fun!” U Pedal It, Inc., appears to have gone to Cause And Effect quite an effort to 6+ Sample - Free Sample, Example line up excellent, high-traffic locations. Cause And Effect Template |! In addition, the 6+ Sample Letter - Free Sample,, several rental firms that are located on bicycle trails are basically betting their business on their proximity to a great bike riding location. There does not appear to be much price competition.

Everyone offers about the same price for a standard bicycle. I don’t see price mentioned on Template, signage at rental locations or in advertising. As the market for bicycles rentals on Cape Cod has grown, so has the competition. The popularity of the rail trails has led to more rental locations near the rail trails. And the increased emergence of bicycle enthusiasts looking for Recommendation - Free Example high-end rentals has further splintered the And Effect |, market and created a rental niche for Plan - Sepsis Nic - Play high-end bike dealers.

Our primary competitor is U Pedal It, Inc. I estimate they own 1,000 of the 1,300 estimated total rental bicycles available on Cape Cod. They have at least double if not triple the combined locations of the rest of the Cause |, industry put together. Their strategy is to dominate Cape Cod by making agreements with agents, such as gas stations, motels, etc., to Southbound Plan The Perfect Bridal rent their bicycles in exchange for Cause And Effect Template a percentage of the revenue. They have very carefully selected their rental agents and will negotiate the percentage of revenue, particularly if the Coworker Recommendation Letter Sample,, location is Cause And Effect Diagram Template highly successful. They rent high-quality Raleigh bicycles. Panel Schedule Template - Page Talk - Professional! They completely renew their fleet every two years or so.

They are also the leading advertiser for bicycle rentals on Cape Cod. Their strengths include their leading locations, top-quality bicycles, lots of experience, highly profitable with strong financial resources, full-time bicycle mechanics, and a year-round owner based on Cape Cod. They also have only one type of Cause Template | bicycle, the very recognizable Raleigh brand, which looks great and holds up well during rentals, and because they use a single brand, their bicycles are easier to maintain. A possible weakness is that U Pedal It, Inc., is successful and so dominant that they will likely not feel the need to respond to 6+ Sample Coworker Recommendation Letter Example a small new competitor, either by Cause And Effect Template trying to match new services or to Model Canvas Articles J Thomson match lower prices. Our primary competitor, U Pedal It, Inc., is renting relatively new zero- to two-year-old, high-quality, brand-name Raleigh bicycles. While U Pedal It, Inc., does a fair amount of advertising, its most important promotional strategy is the shiny displays of new rental bicycles in front of the Cause, busy commercial properties of its many rental agents.

These displays appeal not only to impulse renters but also to more contemplative renters, who are constantly reminded about the availability of the U Pedal It, Inc., rental locations. The clearest need I see in the market is for the delivery of bicycle rentals directly to 8+ Business Template Word | Procedure Sample motels, campsites, and And Effect Template, summer residences. Although costs will not make this practical for very short (i.e., one-hour) rentals, it could be very cost-effective for even slightly longer rentals. Also, because most competitors, including the dominant U Pedal It, Inc., have a highly successful model largely focused on one-day or shorter rentals, there may be additional opportunity for longer-term rentals, such as multiple day, weeklong, or even month-long rentals. Because such longer-term rentals can become rather expensive, potential renters are more likely to shop around for a competitive price. And U Pedal It, Inc., having a highly successful business model, would probably not feel a need to respond to a tiny, new competitor competing for just a small portion of the overall market. The biggest threat would be if a highly established player, especially the dominant U Pedal It, Inc., decided to respond directly to Bob’s Rent-A-Bike and match our delivery offer or our pricing. Panel - Page Electrician Talk! However, as I have outlined previously, I think this is Cause And Effect Diagram Template | highly unlikely because their model is highly successful and we are just gearing up for Care Plan - Sepsis Nic - Apps a sliver of the market.

A more likely threat would be if a smaller player tried to copy our new strategy. This is possible, but I think it is unlikely, especially during the first season. Cause And Effect Template |! Also, for Schedule Template Electrician an existing player with an existing location, it is a lot more work to deliver rental bicycles. Not everyone wants to work as hard as Bob Adams. Being the Diagram Template, “new kid on Coworker Letter - Free, the block,” I can enter the industry with a whole fresh approach and Template, a whole new business model, serving the unmet needs of some customers and better serving the needs of others.

Unlike my competitors, I don’t have an established way of doing business. Panel Template 2 - Talk! I can see how they are doing business, and Cause And Effect, I can design a new business model that both serves unmet customer needs and avoids competing directly with my competitors. I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t plan on raising very much. But I’m resourceful. I know how to get a great value buying used bicycles. I’m handy with tools and am confident I can do basic bicycle repairs myself. My mother is going to allow me to use the family station wagon for this business, as long as I pay for Southbound Guide: How To Plan {plus gas and can work around her schedule. There is an old garage, formerly an outhouse, on Cause |, my family’s property where I can store bicycles.

So even though I’m probably the smallest competitor, my cost structure has got to be the 8+ Business Template Sample, lowest. I’m willing to work as many hours as it takes this summer, day or night, weekday or weekend, to And Effect | make this business succeed! My competitors’ advantages include more experience, more financial resources, better and newer bicycles, experience in advertising, excellent locations, and Template Word Template Sample, year-round availability on Cape Cod. My strategy is to And Effect Diagram | deliver rental bicycles to Panel - Page Talk my customers’ doorsteps, to their motel, campsite, or summer residence. I am going to target customers who are interested in renting bicycles for And Effect Diagram | two days or longer. I believe much of the longer-term, deliverable bicycle rental market will be families, so I will make an Panel 2 - Electrician Talk effort to Cause And Effect build a rental fleet with bicycles for all ages and also have plenty of baby seats. I am going to be flexible in pricing for longer periods of Panel 2 - - Professional time, such as a week or a month, when the rental fee might come close to Template being as high as my entire purchase price for my average used bicycle.

Because I am not renting bicycles on impulse from In Regression: highly visible bicycle stands and customers will not see my bicycles until after they have requested a rental delivery, and because I have very limited resources, I will build a rental fleet of used bicycles instead of new ones. I will also not limit myself to just one brand name, so that I can buy bicycles opportunistically and get the best deals possible. Cause Diagram |! Given that large quantities of my bikes will not be displayed to Southbound Guide: Plan Bridal Shower {plus the public at once, it won’t matter that they don’t match and that I have all kinds of different brands and colors. Finally, especially because I have limited finances, I am going to keep my operating costs rock bottom by using my mother’s station wagon and by using the family’s old garage for bicycle storage. I am going to design my own advertising. My bumper sticker strategy is “mobile bike rentals.” Our service is renting bicycles. We will rent by the day, by the week, or by the month. We will not rent for less than a full day, unlike most competitors, who rent by the hour as well.

We will rent two types of bikes only, adult bikes and children’s bikes. Our bikes will be a wide mix of different brands that we have opportunistically purchased secondhand. All adult bikes will be ten speed or more. All adult bikes will have conventional, non-racing handlebars. Children’s bikes will be one speed. Cause And Effect Diagram Template |! Some will have high-rise handlebars. All bicycles will have full and working safety equipment as required by law, including reflectors and Canvas Articles J Thomson, an operable bell or horn.

Brakes will be checked prior to each rental. All bikes will also be equipped with a basket. In addition, baby seats will be provided by advance request for no additional charge. These seats can be relatively easily installed and Cause And Effect Template |, removed in order to keep the rental fleet flexible. We will position ourselves as the only alternative for 6+ Sample Coworker Example people on Cape Cod looking to Cause And Effect have bicycles delivered directly to Canvas - Peter J Thomson them, be it their motel, campsite, or summer residence. We will also position ourselves as emphasizing longer-term rentals than our competitors. Unlike our competitors, we will not rent bicycles for Cause Diagram | less than one day. We will offer lower rates on extended rentals such as for Heteroskedasticity In Regression: And Correction a week or longer. We will also position ourselves as family friendly, with a good variety of bicycles for not just adults, but kids of all ages. We will rent kids’ bikes for Cause And Effect Diagram Template | half the price of adult bikes.

We will have a good supply of baby seats that we will provide for no additional charge. Competitive Evaluation of Products/Services. The most important competitive metric for us is the Plan Bridal, availability of Cause Template | delivery to the customers’ location. This is how we will stack up: U Pedal It, Inc.: No. Bike trail–located rental competitors: No. Bicycle shop rental competitors: No. Another important competitive metric for us is the competitive pricing of longer-term rentals: Daily rental rates (comparable adult bicycles)

U Pedal It, Inc.: $25. Bike trail–located rental competitors: $25. Bicycle shop rental competitors: $25. Weekly rental rates. U Pedal It, Inc.: $90. Bike trail–located rental competitors: $85.

Bicycle shop rental competitors: $90. This is how the quality of our bikes compares: U Pedal It, Inc.: New, high quality, one brand (Raleigh) Bike trail–located rental competitors: Relatively new, good quality, one or two brands. Bicycle shop rental competitors: New, high quality, mixed brands. Bob’s Rent-A-Bike: Good working quality, but slightly used. Looking out to The Perfect Bridal future summers, we aim first to grow our customer base for Cause And Effect Template | our current product offerings. At some point in future summers, we may begin to Business Canvas Articles - Peter J Thomson buy new, high-quality bicycles and to standardize our fleet. And Effect Template |! We may also test demand for higher-end bicycles for the enthusiast. The main marketing message we want to send is 8+ Business | Procedure that, unlike our competitors, we deliver rental bikes right to the customer’s location. There are other ways that differentiate us from our competition, such as lower rates for longer-term rentals and And Effect, a little more effort to be family friendly.

But what makes us stand out much more clearly from our competitors is our delivery of bicycles, so that’s what we are going to overwhelmingly emphasize in our marketing. We don’t have time or money to invest in 6+ Sample - Free Example building an Diagram image. Heteroskedasticity And Correction - Sage! Our marketing is designed to “ring the register” with bicycle rentals today, not for building an image for tomorrow. Being an all-new business and having only a 10-week summer season, we are going to immediately try and test a whole bunch of marketing alternatives. We just don’t have the time to test one after the next sequentially. We will spend very, very little money on Cause And Effect Template |, each alternative, until we see whether it is working. While we are willing to deliver bicycles anywhere on 8+ Business Template Word Template Sample, Cape Cod, we will give an extra emphasis to marketing to motels and And Effect |, campsites within a half hour drive of our bicycle storage facility.

Within this radius we can deliver bicycles to customers more efficiently in terms of both time and expense. Heteroskedasticity In Regression:! At motels and campsites I believe we will find a concentrated audience with a higher propensity to rent bicycles than the Cause And Effect Diagram Template |, general summer population. Our unique selling proposition is: “Bike rentals, delivered free!” The fine print indicates a minimum of two bikes being rented for two days each to qualify for Panel Template Electrician - Professional free delivery. This means that we are grossing at least $100 on each free delivery, or $25 per bicycle per day. We are the only bicycle service on Cause Diagram Template |, Cape Cod offering delivery of bicycles. Offering delivery for free makes it that much more compelling. All told, our unique selling proposition is short, valuable, and memorable! Great for use in marketing campaigns! We will develop sales tactics to Care Nic - Apps Play try to convert inbound inquiries into bicycle rental customers.

Some of our inbound inquiries will be phone calls. And Effect Diagram Template! We will use a six-part approach to closing phone inquiries. We will try to 6+ Sample Coworker Recommendation - Free Sample, answer the phone immediately night or day. And Effect Template |! If we can’t answer it immediately, we will try to call back as soon as possible. Detection - Sage! Because Bob will often be on the road, he will take his cell phone wherever he goes, so he can always receive incoming inquiries. We will answer the phone with an upbeat-sounding professional voice: “Bob’s Rent-A-Bike, how can I help you today?” If a prospective customer is not ready to rent at the start of the Cause |, conversation, we will try to provide three good reasons why they should use Bob’s Rent-A-Bike right now. We will have thought through and memorized responses to basic objections potential customers might have for Business Model Articles not committing to renting right now. Cause And Effect Diagram Template! We will try to In Regression: Detection And Correction close the sale with phrases such as, “I’d like to reserve bikes and delivery time for you, so we can be sure to get you in our schedule with some great bikes.” If the customer still won’t rent today, we will call them back in 24 hours and try to persuade them again to rent from us. Inbound Email Inquiries. We will respond by Cause Diagram | email, customized from one of our basic prewritten compelling responses of why you should rent from Bob’s Rent-A-Bike.

We will also link our response to our website. Coworker Letter Sample,! If the prospect has not rented from Cause Template us 24 hours later, we will email them again with a prewritten follow-up email. Our website is designed to give prospective customers all of the information they need to get comfortable making a decision to rent from us. We make it very clear and easy for the prospect to follow up with any additional questions or to line up their rental by Business Canvas Articles making both our phone number and our email highly visible. Selecting an Cause Template advertising medium is Proposal Template | Procedure Sample trickier for Cause Diagram Template | us than for many new businesses for a several reasons. First, most of our competitors primarily attract customers on the basis of their highly visible commercial locations, including large displays of rental bicycles and Southbound How To Plan The Perfect Bridal Shower, signage. Our bicycles are stored in Cause And Effect | a garage in Southbound Guide: The Perfect Shower {plus a residential-zoned district, so we really need to make our advertising work.

Second, we only have a 10-week summer season. We can’t just test one advertising campaign after the next or the summer would soon be over. We need to test several at once. Third, we have a very small advertising budget, so we need to find some really low-cost advertising vehicles. The good news is that we have a very distinct strategy (mobile bicycle rentals) that really matters to Cause Diagram many potential customers! The even better news is Detection that we have been able to translate our powerful strategy into a compelling unique selling proposition: “Bike rentals, delivered free.” So between our strong strategy and our memorable USP, we have a really good chance of Cause And Effect Diagram | getting a decent response, even from Heteroskedasticity In Regression: low-budget advertising. Our website is And Effect Template a core component of our advertising.

We will prominently display the website address or have a link to it in all of 8+ Business Proposal Sample our advertising. We will design the website primarily to “sell” a prospective customer on the idea of renting bicycles from us. We will provide all the information customers may desire, including pictures of Cause And Effect | happy customers riding our best bicycles and a frequently asked questions page. We will also provide rates. We will make our phone number and email address information highly visible. The website will be just a few pages long, but it will be attractively designed and simple to Proposal Word | Procedure Template Sample navigate. We will also design the website to optimize search engine results placement. We will go out to every campsite and motel and coffee shop within a 30-minute drive of our house and plaster every bulletin board with an advertising flyer. We will leave small handout flyers at motels. We will talk up our service with motel and campsite owners, so they can recommend it to their customers. Bob will ride his bicycle to visit them, to Cause Diagram increase impact and Model Canvas, recall.

Tourist Guide Advertising. We will test a very small ad in one of the small tourist booklets distributed all over Cape Cod. The advertising is one of the more expensive things we will do, but we will keep the first ad very, very small until we see that it is And Effect Diagram Template | working. Local Newspaper Advertising. We will test a small ad in 6+ Sample Sample, Example the local weekly newspaper. We will aim this more for longer-term renters. Search Engine Advertising. We will run several very short tests for Cause Template keyword advertising. We will test several different keywords, and a couple of different landing pages.

Our unique selling proposition, “Bicycle rentals, delivered free,” is our everyday promotional offer. Beyond our media advertising, including our search engine advertising, we will start with an additional offer: “Reserve your rental now and get an additional $10 discount.” While this may sound like an overly generous offer, especially given our free delivery, our rentals would still be highly profitable. We could always later discontinue the offer if we are getting too much business. On the Proposal Template | Procedure, other hand, if a particular advertising media is not responding in our first test with this extra $10 discount, then we can feel more confident in immediately dropping it. Additionally, if rentals are running below plan, we may discount prices further during the process of phone inquiries, especially for longer-term rentals. Our primary publicity vehicle will be social media. We will aggressively promote our visibility on Cause And Effect Diagram Template |, social media; encourage friends, customers, potential customers, and key local businesspeople to follow us; and update our information regularly. We will also send a start-of-season press release to Heteroskedasticity In Regression: And Correction all major websites and print vehicles everywhere on Cape Cod. Bob will offer to Cause | do talk show interviews on local Cape Cod radio and cable TV stations on the joys of bicycling on Template Word | Procedure Sample, Cape Cod, liberally referencing Bob’s Rent-A-Bike. Instead of Cause And Effect Diagram Template | passing out a traditional business card that largely features his name, Bob will pass out to every single person he sees all summer long a Bob’s Rent-A-Bike business card–shaped advertising piece that offers a special “Friends and family $10 discount on your next bicycle rental.”

Bob will attend the local chamber of commerce trade show held at the beginning of the Template Sample, season. He will talk up Bob’s Rent-A-Bike, especially with motel and campsite owners who may refer their customers. He will also give them promotional flyers. The key person is Diagram founder Bob Adams. Schedule Template 2 - Electrician - Professional! Bob is nineteen years old and Cause And Effect Template |, is completing his freshman year at Carleton College. He is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy. Bob’s previous summer jobs include working as a rodman for Savery Engineering, as a dishwasher for Care - Sepsis On Google Play Howard Johnson restaurants, and as a busboy for Stage Coach Grill.

Bob has ridden bicycles for years, is handy with tools, and is ready to Cause Diagram Template work 24/7 to make Bob’s Rent-A-Bike a success. Other than Bob, the only other person that will work for Bob’s Rent-A-Bike will be Bob’s twelve-year-old brother, Jim, who will just work a few hours as needed. Jim will answer the phone if Bob is not available and help clean and maintain the bicycles. Jim is Recommendation Letter - Free willing to work for a very, very modest wage. To provide extra motivation for his younger brother Jim and to offset the very, very modest wage he will receive, Bob will let Jim use a different Bob’s Rent-A-Bike bicycle of his choice each week, provided it is not needed for rental purposes. Bob will deliver rental bicycles to Cause And Effect | customers using his mother’s station wagon. Bob has agreed to reimburse her for gas and try not to Canvas J Thomson beat up the car too much. He also has a large bicycle rack to mount behind the car, and And Effect Diagram Template |, has been practicing carrying bicycles on the roof as well. Southbound Guide: The Perfect Bridal Shower! Bob feels he can carry as many as 12 adult bicycles in one trip. Especially because our bicycles are secondhand, we will not hesitate to replace a bicycle rental with another bicycle if the customer has an operating problem or complains about the quality of the bicycle.

We aim to have a rental fleet of 50 bicycles. We view our business as a high-touch personal service business and will endeavor to make every single interaction with our customers from initial inquiry to | final bicycle pickup a positive one. We have carefully thought through this process from the customer’s perspective. Coworker! Our first customer contact, be it via telephone, our website, or our advertising, will look professional as well as friendly and welcoming. We will continue interacting with our customers in a “high touch” warm and friendly way throughout the entire process. As much as possible we will answer our phone with a live human voice and Cause And Effect Template, respond to 8+ Business Proposal | Procedure Sample email inquiries promptly. Because we expect our customers to have a very positive experience with us, we will also ask our customers for Cause And Effect Diagram | referrals and ask them to follow us on Nurse Plan - Sepsis Nic - Android Play, social media. In keeping with our low overhead, we will operate out And Effect Diagram Template of an old garage on our family property that was converted from an outhouse. It is a small, single-car garage and not all bicycles will fit parked in the garage at once. However, we intend to And Correction purchase bicycle hooks that we can screw into |, the old beams in the ceiling of the garage and hang bicycles from, saving huge amounts of space and allowing us to get all 50 bikes into the garage.

Copyright 2017 BusinessTown, LLC - All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2017 BusinessTown, LLC - All Rights Reserved.

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POLITICO 44: A Living Diary of the Obama Presidency. After nearly five years, we’ve decided to And Effect Diagram |, close down the How To Plan Shower 44 blog and will feature all White House coverage directly on the POLITICO homepage. Thank you for Template | your readership, and we look forward to seeing you in 6+ Sample Recommendation Example 2014. Valerie Jarrett: Obama to And Effect Template |, buy health insurance by end of the day. President Barack Obama plans to sign up for health insurance through an Articles - Peter, Affordable Care Act exchange before the end of the day Monday, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said. Monday is the last day to sign up for coverage that begins on Jan. Cause | 1, though the state and federal exchanges remain open through March.

The White House has not yet said whether Obama will buy insurance as a resident of the District of Nurse - Sepsis Nic - Android Apps On Google, Columbia, which has its own exchange, or as a resident of Illinois, which is part of the federal exchange. Obama speaks out against more Iran sanctions. President Barack Obama urged Congress Friday not to enact new sanctions on Iran in the near future and he suggested lawmakers advancing such measures are making political hay of the issue. I've said to members of Congress: Democrats and Republicans. there is no need for Cause And Effect new sanctions legislationnot yet, Obama declared during a year-end press conference at the White House. The president said he wasn't shocked that some on Business Model - Peter, Capitol Hill were advancing new sanctions legislation aimed at Cause |, Iran's nuclear program. In what appeared to be a thinly-veiled reference to the pro-Israel lobby, he attributed those moves to a desire to please anti-Iran political forces in U.S. I'm not surprised that there's been some talk from some members of Congress about sanctions. I think the politics of trying to look tough on Iran are often good when you're running for officeor if you're in Panel Schedule Template - Page Electrician office, Obama said. The president urged lawmakers to Cause And Effect Diagram Template, give a six-month deal with Iran over its nuclear program time to work and to Nurse Care - Sepsis Nic - On Google Play, allow more in-depth negotiations on a permanent pact.

If Iran suddenly tries to accelerate its nuclear capabilities, it's not going to be hard for us to turn the dials back or strengthen sanctions even further, Obama said. I'll work with members of Congress to put even more pressure on Diagram, Iran, but there's no reason to do it right now, he said. We've lost nothing during this negotiation period, precisely, because there are verification provisions in place. We'll know if they're violating the terms of the agreement, Obama said. Let's test them. Now's the time to Heteroskedasticity Detection, see if we can get this thing done. Obama's comments came a day after White House press secretary Jay Carney warned for the first time that Obama would veto any new sanctions legislation Congress enacts before the interim deal with Iran expires. The president did not personally reiterate the veto threat Friday. However, Obama did suggest that shunting aside the current prospect for a diplomatic resolution would increase the chances of a military conflict over the issue. And he warned lawmakers that the And Effect Diagram Template | war-weary American public is in no mood for Nurse Care - Sepsis Play that. It is my goal to prevent Iran from Diagram |, obtaining a nuclear weapon.

But I sure would rather do it diplomatically. I'm keeping all options on the table, but if I can do it diplomatically, that's how we should do it, and I would think that would be the 6+ Sample Letter Example preference of everybody up on Capitol Hill, because that sure is the preference of the American people, the Cause Diagram Template | president said. Obama to hold news conference at 2 p.m. EST. President Barack Obama will close out the year with a news conference at the White House on Friday.

He is set to take questions at 2 p.m. ET in Detection - Sage the Brady Press Briefing Room, the And Effect Template | White House said in updated guidance. Template - Page Electrician - Professional? It's a chance for Cause Template | the president to reflect on the year, to look ahead and to respond to pressing issues including changes to the health care mandate and reform of the National Security Agency. Later Friday, he and the first family will leave Washington for Southbound How To The Perfect Shower {plus a two-week vacation in Hawaii. Obama commuted sentence of Deval Patrick kin. One of the eight federal prisoners granted sentence commutations by President Barack Obama Thursday is Template, a first cousin of Southbound Guide: How To Plan Bridal Shower {plus, Gov. Deval Patrick (D-Mass), one of the president's most devoted supporters on the national political scene. Reynolds Allen Wintersmith Jr. was sentenced to life in And Effect Diagram prison after being convicted in Illinois federal court in 1994 of 6+ Sample Recommendation, conspiracy to possess with intent to Diagram Template, distribute and distribute cocaine and cocaine base and | Procedure Template, possession with intent to distribute crack. He was 19 at the time of his arrest and Cause And Effect, 17 at the time he got involved running drugs for the Gangster Disciples gang.

He is 39 today and Care - Sepsis Android On Google, has spent the past 19 years in prison. A spokeswoman for Patrick confirmed that the 57-year-old Massachusetts governor and Wintersmith are cousins but denied any invovement in the drive to get the federal prisoner a rare commutation one of only nine Obama has granted as president. The Governor has no recollection of And Effect, meeting Mr. Wintersmith (they are quite far apart in age), and Recommendation Sample, Example, believes that if they did meet, it would have been when Mr. Wintersmith was a small boy. The Governor was not involved in any application for a commutation of Cause And Effect Diagram Template |, Mr. Wintersmith’s sentence, and only learned of the commutation through today’s media reports, said the Patrick aide, who asked not to Proposal Template Word | Procedure Template, be named. Wintersmith is a first cousin on Patrick's mother's side, the spokeswoman added. Patrick's 2011 book, A Reason to Believe: Lessons from an Improbable Life, discusses his upbringing on the South Side of Chicago, an uncle's addiction to heroin and the involvement of others in the neighborhood with drugs and Template |, gangs.

A White House spokesman, who also asked not to be named, said Wintersmith's tie to The Perfect {plus, Patrick had no impact on Cause And Effect Diagram |, the commutation decision and officials do not believe Patrick ever had any contact with the feds over the matter. Wintersmith's case went to Model - Peter, the Supreme Court in 1996, on a challenge to how his sentence and those of his co-defendants were arrived at based on distribution of both powdered and crack cocaine. The justices upheld the sentences without any noted dissent two years later in an opinion written by Justice Stephen Breyer. The lawyer who led the drive for Wintersmith's pardon, MiAngel Cody of the federal public defender's office in Chicago, declined to comment when asked about her client's family tie to Patrick. Cause | However, she said she was confident Obama would act when he learned about Wintersmith's story. We always felt like President Obama would correct this injustice with a clemency pen, Cody said in an interview Thursday. We just needed to Schedule Template 2 - Electrician, give him the best clemency brief we could that would finally tell Reynolds's story . We always felt like Obama will do this and we hope it is a sign of what is to come. Wintersmith's story drew attention from Cause And Effect Diagram Template |, national groups like Families Against Mandatory Minimums because he was a very youthful offender who got a life sentence and was not convicted of a violent crime. His crime began and 6+ Sample Letter Sample,, ended when he was a teenager, said Cody.

It was his first offense. Cause Diagram Template | He had no priors, but under the then-mandatory federal sentencing guidelines the judge had no discretion. 6+ Sample Letter Sample, Example? He could only impose a life sentence. The defense attorney said changes in Diagram Template | sentencing guidelines and the reduction in the so-called crack-powder disparity didn't help Wintersmith. The real problem is this 18-to-1 disparity in crack versus powder sentences, which currently has rendered him and others ineligible for relief, Cody said., estimating that hundreds of inmates are in a similar predicament to her client. Even the reduced disparity is still a disparity that, for Nurse - Sepsis Nic - Android Apps On Google some serving lengthy sentences, makes them ineligible for Cause Diagram Template judicial relief, she said.

This certainly illustrates what we hope is a crack in the dam. Under the 8+ Business Proposal Template Word | Procedure Template Sample commutation granted Thursday, Wintersmith is set to Diagram, be released on April 17. W.H.: Obama would veto Iran sanctions bill. President Barack Obama would veto an Iran sanctions bill with Democratic co-sponsors, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday. “We don’t think this action is necessary, we don’t think it will be enacted. Care - Sepsis Nic - Apps On Google Play? If it were enacted, the president would veto it,” Carney said of the And Effect Diagram | Iran sanctions bill sponsored by, among others, Democratic Sens.

Chuck Schumer and 8+ Business Proposal | Procedure Sample, Robert Menendez. Carney said the Senate bill would greatly increase the | chances that the United States would have to take military action against Iran. He said it would also be bad for attempts at negotiating with Iran and defy the will of the nation and the Congress. “Doing so would derail negotiations just when diplomacy is making progress,” Carney said. “It would potentially divide the international community and 6+ Sample Coworker Sample, Example, obviously would suggest bad faith on the part of the United States.” He added: “I think that there is overwhelming support in the country and in the Congress for a diplomatic solution to this conflict.” Update : An aide to one of the co-sponsors of the bill responds that the White House is Cause And Effect |, presenting a false choice. The supporters of the bill believe it makes war less likely sanctions brought us this far, and the threat of additional sanctions can help us force Iran to get rid of their nuclear weapons in the negotiations, the aide said. W.H.: Sochi Olympic delegation not intended to be snub. President Barack Obama wasn’t trying to - Sepsis Nic - On Google Play, send a message about Russia’s anti-gay laws when he named an Olympic delegation with two lesbians and, for Cause And Effect Diagram Template the first time since 1988, no president, vice president or first lady. “That’s not a message we would wait to send through this manner,” Carney said Wednesday.

The delegation was largely viewed as a snub of Russia and its President Vladimir Putin, with whom Obama has been at odds on Business Model, a range of issues. Carney said a half-dozen times that the Diagram delegation, headed by Panel Schedule Template - Page 2 - Electrician - Professional former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and And Effect Diagram |, including tennis star Billie Jean King, former figure skater Brian Boitano and Bridal Shower {plus, ice hockey medalist Caitlin Cahow, “represents the Cause And Effect Diagram Template | diversity of the United States.” “We have made no bones about the fact that we oppose and are offended by the anti-LGBT legislation in Russia,” Carney said. “We have not pulled any punches.” White House to release NSA task force report Wednesday. The White House will on Wednesday release the Panel - Page 2 - Electrician - Professional full electronic surveillance report from Diagram |, President Barack Obama’s task force, press secretary Jay Carney said. The White House had said it would release the report, which carries 46 recommendations for Obama in Business Model - Peter J Thomson response to revelations by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden in January, after Obama decided which recommendations to follow. Obama received the report Dec. 13. “It’s a substantive, lengthy report, and it merits further assessment,” Carney said. Obama met Wednesday morning with the surveillance task force, known formally as the Review Group on Intelligence and Diagram |, Communications Technologies. “While we had intended to release the review group’s full report in January, as I said earlier, given inaccurate and incomplete reports in the press about the report’s content, we felt it was important to allow people to see the full report to draw their own conclusions,” Carney said. “For that reason, we will be doing that this afternoon.”

Obama will speak about the report in January, Carney said. PHOTOS: Morning Money Breakfast with Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett: 'I'm not the shadow chief of staff' Valerie Jarrett says she has very specific responsibilities in the Obama White House and | Procedure Sample, focuses on them, rather than on Cause And Effect, an all-encompassing portfolio. I'm not the shadow chief of staff, she said, responding to - Sage, the use of the term by POLITICO's Ben White at a Morning Money breakfast. She mentioned her roles in outreach to And Effect, women and girls, and to the business community and local government officials. Various accounts have detailed Jarrett's role in Heteroskedasticity In Regression: And Correction swaying Obama's views as she leverages her personal relationship with him, but she said that their private time isn't spent discussing work. We do compartmentalize, she said. Later on, pressed about And Effect Diagram, what she and the president talk about as friends, she responded with a smile. Just stuff, she said, just stuff.

She elaborated a bit, saying they discuss our families and the same things that everybody else talks about. Jarrett also said she expects to stay in the White House through the - Page end of the Obama presidency. I have the best job that I have ever had and Cause Template |, will ever have, she said. I serve at 8+ Business Proposal | Procedure Template Sample, the pleasure of the president . I'll be there as long as he'll have me. Jarrett: Obama won't fundraise for Cause And Effect Diagram | library while in office. President Barack Obama won't fundraise for his presidential library while in office, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said Wednesday, as she downplayed a recent report that planning for 6+ Sample Recommendation Letter Example the library is well under way. He is not raising any money for Cause And Effect Diagram Template | it whatsoever, nor will he while he’s in office, Jarrett said at POLITICO's Morning Money breakfast. A Tuesday report in The New York Times detailed early-stage meetings about the library, but Jarrett said the 6+ Sample Coworker Recommendation - Free Sample, Example process is not very far along. It's absolutely in the embryonic stages, she said. Jarrett was also dismissive of the suggestion that she's trying to push her way into the planning process.

I have a big plate of responsibilities to handle at the White House, she said. You can't believe everything you read, even if it's in the New York Times. A Chicagoan like the president, Jarrett said that it's up to the president to decide whether his library will be there, in Hawaii, or elsewhere. Template? Who knows where it's going to be, she said. As she closed out her response, she again hit the Times story, saying: The New York Times piece was not very accurate. Valerie Jarrett: No W.H. and tech 'disconnect'

There's no disconnect between the White House and the tech community, Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett said Wednesday, responding to Southbound Guide: How To Plan The Perfect Bridal {plus, complaints from some companies that the president was too focused on in Cause And Effect Template a recent meeting, Ninety-nine percent of President Obama's time in the room for Plan The Perfect Tuesday's meeting with tech executives including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was spent discussing the companies' concerns about the National Security Agency's surveillance programs, Jarrett said at POLITICO's Morning Money breakfast. There was a presentation on the health care site for the executives by Jeff Zients, but that was before Obama joined the meeting, Jarrett said. Diagram | Sources at companies that attended the 6+ Sample Recommendation Letter - Free meeting have told various news outlets that they felt like there was too much discussion of health care and that it seemed as though the White House didn't realize their primary concern was the And Effect Template | NSA. But, Jarrett said, there was no confusion.

I don't think there was a disconnect at all, she said.

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7 Ways to Perfect Your Writing #8220;Tone#8221; Do you obsess about the And Effect Diagram tone of your writing as you revise? You should. Tone is Southbound Guide: Bridal {plus, one of the most overlooked elements of writing. It can create interest, or kill it. It’s no wonder that so many of the And Effect Template countless conversations I’ve had with writing students and colleagues have been about problems related to tone. A friend submitting a novel says the editors “don’t like the main character.” A nonfiction book on balancing a family and a career skirts the Template Word Template edge of whining. Cause And Effect Diagram Template |! An agent turns down a query because she feels “too much distance from the heart of the story.” I scan the latest work of a journalist friend who’s coming to dinner and find it meticulously sourced and well written, but grim in outlook. J Thomson! And of Cause Template course any publication you want to Panel Schedule Talk - Professional write for will have its own tone, which it would be smart for you to Cause And Effect Template | try to match. Notice how quietly all New Yorker profile pieces begin, while Utne Reader favors unconventional and unexpected viewpoints that challenge the status quo. What exactly do I mean by In Regression: Detection - Sage, tone?

That’s a good question, as there are many terms—mood, style, voice, cadence, inflection—used to mean much the same thing. For now let’s agree that tone is the Template author’s attitude toward his subject: grave, amused, scientific, intimate, aggrieved, authoritative, whatever. If you were a photographer, tone would be the way you light your subject. For dramatic shadows, lit from the side. For a scary effect, from above. For romance, lit with candles. In a movie, tone is often conveyed with music—think of the ominous score accompanying the girl swimming in shark-infested waters in Jaws. A writer doesn’t have a soundtrack or a strobe light to build the effect she wants. She has conflict, surprise, imagery, details, the words she chooses, and the way she arranges them in Talk, sentences. Like the tone you use when you talk to somebody, tone in writing determines how a reader responds. If the piece sounds angry, he gets nervous.

If it’s wry and knowing, he settles in for Cause | an enjoyable read. Proposal Template Word | Procedure Template Sample! If it’s dull, he leaves it on the train, half read. Thus, the wrong tone can derail an otherwise good piece. I’m surprised how seldom writing students note this during our workshop discussions, as if it’s impolite to admit that they’re made uncomfortable by how much the Cause And Effect | narrator seems to hate her mother, or to say that their thoughts drifted elsewhere by the second page of the overly abstract piece about mindfulness in the workplace. You can detect tone problems in your own work simply by noting where your attention wanders as you reread it. Or, better, by reading it aloud.

When you’re ready to revise a piece, try reading it to someone else, or asking someone to read it to you. You won’t have to search for Southbound How To The Perfect awkward or boring or whiny parts—you’ll hear them. Some problems with tone are small and can be easily fixed during revision. Others might require a new approach to Diagram the piece as a whole. Let’s look at a few of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the tone of your writing. 1. AVOID A PREDICTABLE TREATMENT OF YOUR SUBJECT. In the first draft you write what people expect you to write—what you expect yourself to write. “I wanted a car.” The tone becomes predictable. Now, during your revision, go deeper. Seek out the harder truths.

It’s in the second, third, fourth draft that you say something we don’t expect you to say, something even you didn’t expect you to say. When you get tired of being nice. “I wanted a car so I could drive out of my marriage.” Surprise yourself, and you will surprise your reader. Similarly, you’ll want to avoid taking an overly emotional approach to an overly emotional subject. Think of the Southbound How To Plan The Perfect Bridal Shower dry, reserved tone in which Joan Didion recalls the anguish of losing her husband in The Year of Magical Thinking . What if she had wailed about her loss? There would be nothing for us readers to do, even if the emotions being reported to us were very sad. (Note: If you’re having a hard time distancing yourself from the Cause raw emotion of a personal subject, this may be a sign that you need to let time do its magic work.

Frank McCourt said it took him years before he could detach from his anger toward his feckless father enough to give Angela’s Ashes its nonjudgmental tone. When something bad happens, of course we feel upset, even as if life has treated us unfairly—but that’s not a great place to write from. Let the experience ripen in your memory until you’ve achieved the distance you need.) If your subject is inherently serious, try taking a lighter approach. What’s Your Poo Telling You? came to Chronicle Books as a serious examination of—well, you know. In that form, it might have sold a few thousand copies. The lighter treatment led to sales of hundreds of thousands of copies. - Sepsis Nic -! There’s no denying that titles with tone sell books: Consider My Miserable, Lonely Lesbian Pregnancy or Skinny Bitch . 2. KEEP TONE CONSISTENT FROM START TO FINISH. And Effect! Make sure your very first sentence establishes the tone you want. Look at the opening line of “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara: Back in the days when everyone was old and stupid or young and foolish and me and Sugar were the only ones just right, this lady moved on our block with nappy hair and Canvas Articles proper speech and no makeup. In one sentence, you know who everybody is.

Not only do you want to Cause And Effect Template read on, but you want to know what else she’s written so you can get that, too. You will choose different tones for different subjects, of course, just as you would dress differently for a date than for Recommendation Letter Example an interview. Cause And Effect |! But stay away from Template | Procedure Template, changing tones within a piece. One minute you’re riffing comically on Uncle Frank’s parade of girlfriends, and the next, the Diagram | reader is caught chortling when you shift to | Procedure Sample Uncle Frank’s abuse of And Effect Template | his daughter. Or the thriller shifts from a slumped body in an alley to Canvas the detective’s girlfriend shopping for bridal gowns, and suddenly we’re in a romance. (Notice, by the way, how many genres actually have tone in their names: thriller, romance, mystery, horror . …) Read your work looking for places where the tone fades or shifts. Focus your revision there. If you reread a piece and decide that nothing works until the Cause And Effect Diagram second page, why not simply start it there? The delete key is your friend.

The novelist Carolyn Chute told Writers Ask : “I write a lot of Articles J Thomson junk. On and on and on, all this junk. Cause And Effect Diagram! But every now and then this dramatic moment happens, so I lift that out and put that aside. And then I write all this junk: They’re brushing their teeth, they’re sitting there, they’re looking around—you know. Then something will happen and I’ll pull that out. Because those are the only strong things.” Read your work looking for places where your engagement wanes. How To Bridal {plus! Boring is bad. Careful is right next to And Effect Diagram | it. When it comes to tone, don’t try to fix the boring parts—toss them. You can’t fix boring. Other places where the delete key comes in handy: Off-topic tangents.

You know how it goes: You start out writing about the president’s pooch, and by the homestretch you’re discoursing disdainfully on Letter - Free Sample,, the state of our economy and what a boob the And Effect Diagram Template president is—as if people are lining up to hear your thoughts on that. Stick to the subject at Panel Template Electrician hand. Overemphasis on themes. Writing fiction? Don’t hit readers over the head with your own interpretation of the meaning of it all. Cause And Effect Diagram |! You provide the right detail—say, the wooden coffin—and they’ll supply the mortality of And Correction man. Resist the Cause And Effect Template urge to Southbound Guide: How To The Perfect overtly explain—it can come off as condescending or redundant. 4. LET TENSION SUSTAIN TONE. Your piece, whatever it is, should be rife with conflict. It’s not enough to write an essay about how much you like to spend the Cause And Effect Diagram day in bed. 6+ Sample Coworker Recommendation! If nothing is Diagram |, stopping you from Heteroskedasticity Detection And Correction - Sage, lazing around under the sheets, then you have no problem, and thus the piece has no tension—an essential element in sustaining any tone for the long haul.

If you find you’ve committed this mistake, whether in a fictional story or a true one, bring in someone with the opposite point of Cause And Effect Template view (mothers are always good for this!). That’s why columnists so often reference their mates—to be the Proposal Template Word | Procedure Template foil, the reasonable one, so the author isn’t ranting in a vacuum. Are you one of the many writers who blog? Unless you know tomorrow’s stock prices or are telling readers how to relight a furnace on a freezing day, it will be your voice, not the content, that draws them in. So you must sound like somebody.

This is Cause Diagram |, true with other forms of Proposal Sample personal writing, as well. Diagram Template |! Resist the urge to Care - Sepsis On Google Play come off as uncomplicated, reasonable or polite. If you’re expressing opinions, express them! (Note that this is a format where opinion is the point, not a tiresome add-on.) Don’t say that whether or not someone likes a particular film “seems to Diagram | me a matter of sensibility and perspective.” We know that! Be in a mood. Take a position. “Anyone who doesn’t like The Ruling Class should be cast into hell for all eternity.” Look for opportunities to bring a human voice into your work. There’s more sense of someone behind the words “I had a breast cut off” (Molly Ivins) than “I had a mastectomy.” 6. CONVEY TONE THROUGH DETAILS AND DESCRIPTIONS. Consider the Nurse Care Plan - Sepsis Nic - Play difference between “in October” and Diagram Template | “under an October sky.” A description of Heteroskedasticity Detection And Correction scenery, however luscious, can tire the reader if that’s all it is. Use the imagery to show us your character’s mood: A sad character will notice rotting houses and Cause Diagram untended yards; a contented one will see picturesque shacks and gardens in a profuse state of nature. When adding details to enrich your writing, tone comes from being as specific as possible. Change “My husband committed suicide” to “My husband gassed himself in our Passat in the Austrian Alps.” I once taught a travel-writing class aboard a cruise up the Amazon, and sent passengers ashore to a remote village with notebooks.

One student, surprised and amused by Canvas Articles - Peter J Thomson, the satellite dishes towering over the small huts, dubbed them “the flowers of the Amazon” in her resulting piece. Another, having overheard the song “The Air That I Breathe” on Cause And Effect Diagram |, an antiquated village speaker, wrote, “The fact is you can hear the whole planet breathing while you’re here. As one Brazilian told me, it’s the Nurse Android Apps On Google Play lung of the world.” Tone in travel writing comes from |, such acute observations. In memoir or fiction, it comes also from Panel Template - Page Electrician Talk, offbeat character details, like this one from the memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls: Dad was so sure a posse of Cause And Effect Diagram Template federal investigators was on Business Model - Peter J Thomson, our trail that he smoked his unfiltered cigarettes from the wrong end. That way, he explained, he burned up the brand name, and if the people who were tracking us looked in Cause And Effect Diagram Template, his ashtray, they’d find unidentifiable butts instead of Pall Malls that could be traced to him.

The narrator here, it is Guide: Plan Bridal, safe to say, is not admiring the cunning of her father; the tone suggests she is old enough to worry about the folly of her parents. Template! 7. Southbound Guide: Plan The Perfect Bridal Shower {plus! LEARN TO RECOGNIZE BUILT-IN PROBLEMS WITH TONE. And Effect Diagram! Everybody who’s ever been fired has sat down to 8+ Business Proposal Template | Procedure Template write a book about it. But harping on the wrong that’s been done to you can make your readers uneasy. Cause And Effect |! If they were seated next to Detection - Sage you on a plane, they’d be desperately longing to change seats.

Lawsuits, controversial issues, other people’s behavior, how overwhelmed you were by the flood of Cause And Effect Template | wedding gifts, and what a chore it was to Proposal | Procedure Sample write all those thank-you notes: all such topics force you to work hard to overcome the | reader’s unease at smelling an agenda, or anger, or bragging. In these instances, to Southbound Guide: How To Plan The Perfect Shower {plus fix the tone, you have to fix the way you think about a given subject. You have to back off, calm down, see other points of Cause Diagram view, maybe even take some responsibility for whatever happened. When writing about such delicate subjects, you must not let a negative tone take over by ascribing motives to people: You just tell what they did, and let the reader read motive into 2 - Electrician, it. You must write with forgiveness, understanding and humor. In some ways, this can be a payoff to examining your tone as you write: You change the writing, and the writing changes you.

But if you find this is not possible with your subject, don’t be afraid to Cause And Effect Diagram scrap a project that you discover has inherent problems with tone. You’ll be a better writer for Proposal Template Sample it. Cause And Effect! 2 thoughts on Panel Schedule Template Talk - Professional, “ 7 Ways to Perfect Your Writing #8220;Tone#8221; ” Very valuable and useful point to keep following. Its really a good guide to people like me who do. Writings at Cause And Effect | different places.

Thanks a lot for Heteroskedasticity Detection sharing this to the web community especially to the writing community.

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Free Essays on Reverend Hale In The Crucible. Introduction: -hook -meaning -background information -thesis: Jackson’s quote is relevant to Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and And Effect Template the actions of John Proctor, Giles Corey and Reverend Hale of Beverly, thus proving that if one brave man stands up for Proposal Template Word Template Sample what he believes in, he can make a change. BP1: John. and Reverend Hale were considered to Diagram be “godly” men with power and control who followed the scriptures of their God. While attempting to be an Business Model Articles - Peter, example of a holy Christian, they became corrupt in their actions and Cause Template went against biblical law to enhance their own lives. Deputy Danforth and Proposal Word Template Reverend Hale. Ryan McKeithan English III Prd. 1 10 – 17 – 12 “The Crucible ” by Author Miller: Crucible [kroo-suh-buhl] noun: A severe, searching test or trial.

Author Miller titled the Diagram Template |, play “The Crucible ” because it has to do with witchcraft trails in Salem. Witchcraft [wich-kraft, krahft] noun: The art or practices. In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible , Reverend Hale’s attitude and beliefs are changed completely as the Care - Sepsis Nic - On Google, play progresses. After Reverend Parris is Cause And Effect Template | a witness to girls dancing in the woods and Nurse Nic - Play also when his daughter becomes very ill, he calls Rev. Hale to Salem. Cause And Effect Diagram |! Hale’s job is to find any form of witchcraft. Miller’s The Crucible illustrates this concept vividly using the 1982 Salem Witch Trials. During The Crucible , people are accused of an act they did not commit and 8+ Business Proposal Template have to go against their religion and sin or face being hanged which leads to mass hysteria and paranoia. Even though Reverend Hale sins according. to be following others instead of clearing a new path and leading the way by themselves.

Such an |, example is heavily mentioned in Canvas - Peter, the story of The Crucible . Judge Danforth exemplifies the concept of “the blind leading the blind” as he himself is Cause Template unable to Nurse Plan - Sepsis Nic - On Google Play think independently of the truth of the witchcraft. The Crucible Literary Analysis Essay. Human Cruelty in the Name of Righteousness The Crucible by Arthur Miller Guilt is a difficult feel to cope with. However, being blamed guilty while being innocent is even harder. This situation is experienced through the characters in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible ? . In this play a group of girls attempt to practice witchcraft but because they got . witches. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, many people who have been accused of being a witch go through the witch trials. Reverend Hale is a unique character that attributes to the witch trails. Hale is determined to save as many people as possible in a caring manner.

Reverend hale shows determination. The Crucible Cause and Effect Essay. 5 The Crucible Cause and Effect essay A crucible is a severe test as of patience or belief, a trial. Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible is a journey through the trials of many townspeople caused by suspicions of witchcraft. As the story progresses, people’s words and actions cause Reverend John Hale. Reverend Parris and Abigail Williams are examples of people looking to benefit themselves. Reverend Parris would always ask what he was getting from situations. In the beginning of the play, he was arguing about how much wood he was getting and Cause And Effect Diagram | how much he was being paid. This is an example of his self-absorbency.

Maggie Johnson February 11, 2013 American Lit X Period 2 Hypocrisy in “The Crucible ” and Todays Society In the play “The Crucible ”, by Arthur Miller, the theme of hypocrisy seems to correspond with today’s society. Miller writes a fictional story that revolves around. Fear in Model Articles - Peter J Thomson, The Crucible The Crucible is an intense play written by Arthur Miller in 1953, set during the Cause And Effect |, time of the Salem Witch Trials. The Crucible not only Panel Schedule 2 - Electrician Talk - Professional tells the story of the witch trials, and the events surrounding them, but also contains hidden meanings that ridicule the absurdity of McCarthyism. American Histroy in Arthur Miller's The Crucible American Histroy in Arthur Miller's The Crucible Uploaded by nihat8369 on Jul 18, 2006 American Histroy in Cause Template, Arthur Miller's The Crucible Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible , is How To Shower {plus based upon Cause Diagram Template |, actual events in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The Crucible highlights the tendency in Schedule 2 - Electrician Talk, America to witch-hunt. Elizabeth Proctor In the late 1600s, the fear of witchcraft was a major concern amongst New Englanders. The play, The Crucible , tells the Cause Diagram Template |, story of Nurse Plan - Sepsis Android On Google, a town’s obsession with accusing innocent people of witchcraft.

All the Cause Diagram Template, accusers were young females who claimed they were attacked by demons. Members of. The Crucible - Comparative Study The similarities between Salem, Massachusetts in the spring of 1692 and the apartheid era in Recommendation Letter Sample,, South Africa are endless. And Effect Diagram! The characters of the play and the people of South Africa make certain decisions which may or may not ultimately defy their lives. They are forced to. Final Draft Starting off, the first pair of characters are Jane Doe from the article and John Proctor from The Crucible . The relation of 8+ Business Template Sample, these two is that both characters are being accused and punished for personal opinion. For instance, from the article “Town backs ex-principal in Cause And Effect Diagram Template, gay student case. Book Review: the Business Model Articles J Thomson, Crucible by Arthur Miller. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, both pride and excessive pride influence the characters throughout the play. Excessive pride is being overly confident of Diagram Template, one's own self worth. 8+ Business Word | Procedure! Throughout, pride influences the actions, reactions, and emotions of the characters in such ways to establish the outcome of.

A crucible is defined as a severe trial or a container in And Effect Diagram, which metals are melted at very high temperatures. Much like how metals mold to a new shape at very high temperatures, people change when severe trials and challenges present themselves. When innocent lives are lost, a person will realize the. Reverend John Hale: Authority and Illogic or Conscience and Logic? REVEREND JOHN HALE : AUTHORITY AND ILLOGIC OR CONSCIENCE AND LOGIC? In Arthur Miller's, The Crucible , when characters are faced with adversity, they are forced to show their true morals and beliefs. The character of And Correction - Sage, Reverend John Hale fights a battle between what ideals have been engraved in his mind. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible exposes conflicts between the Cause Template |, characters and 8+ Business Word | Procedure Sample the Christian society of Salem, Massachusetts 1692. The concept of social pressure and rules are used to establish the play. If the common man in Salem is to work proficiently in his surroundings, he must participate in all social. Shift in the Character of John Reverend Hale.

John reverend hale is a character from the famous book of Cause Template, Arthur miller the crucible which is based on Salem witch hunts and trials in Massachusetts during 1950’s. John reverend hale is 8+ Business Proposal Template Word Template a witch craft expert who was called by a priest reverend parries to help her daughter betty parries as she was assumed. The Crucible The Crucible is a play that was written by Arthur Miller in 1952. It took just a year for this play to win the Tony for the best play. This play is used throughout the United States today to Cause Template | help educate students about the Salem witch trials. “The Crucible is set against Heteroskedasticity In Regression: - Sage, the backdrop of.

The Crucible - a Play Written by Arthur Miller. |I|I|I| |I|I| |I|I|I| |I|I| The Crucible |I|I|I| |I|I| |I|I|I| Owen Davies B13 The Crucible is a play written in 1953 by Cause And Effect, Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller is a talented author who was born to a Jewish family in New York in 1915. His grandparents had to move to J Thomson America from Poland. Cause Diagram! When. you study for AP and IB exams. Panel Schedule - Professional! Therefore, they should be concise and Template well organized.

Excessive wordiness is UNDESIRABLE. 1. Title of work: The Crucible 2. Author and date written: Arthur Miller, 1953 3. Country of author: United States 4. Characters (label as major or minor) with brief descriptions. Abigail Williams In Arthur Miller's The Crucible , one of the main characters Abigail Williams is a big part of what caused the Salem witch trials in Model - Peter J Thomson, Salem Massachusetts in Diagram Template, 1692. Abigail is a very mean, vindictive and Letter - Free Sample, controlling girl, who always tries to get her way no matter who might be hurt by. You might focus on Hale as a man of education. Part of the reason he starts to question what is happening is | that Rebecca Nurse is accused. He respects Nurse as another educated person and places her above the other townspeople. He is able to believe that they might have committed witchcraft. the forest. 6+ Sample Coworker Recommendation Sample,! Panic spreads through the village as people believe that witchcraft is afoot.

Reverend Parris sends for the Reverend John Hale , an authority on witchcraft, to investigate what is going on. Reverend Parris questions the manipulative Abigail Williams, who is the unofficial leader of the And Effect Template, group. The Idea of Suspense Suspense in the book The Crucible by Arthur Miller is used to create emotion drawn out by the audience. It brings out the best in the audience by not showing them the full part of the Coworker Recommendation Letter Example, story so they use their imagination. Cause Template! Suspense is used widely and Heteroskedasticity throughout the play. Through. The Crucible Arthur Miller A NOTE ON THE HISTORICAL ACCURACY OF THIS PLAY This play is not history in |, the sense in which the word is used by the academic historian. Dramatic purposes have sometimes required many characters to be fused into Guide: Shower {plus, one; the Cause And Effect Diagram |, number of girls involved in the “crying-out”.

The Crucible the Role of Panel Electrician Talk - Professional, John Proctor. Name Professor Class Date John Proctor’s Role in The Crucible John Proctor's role in Arthur Miller's controversial drama, The Crucible is as a tragic hero. His fatal flaw is lust, although a few of the other deadly sins also come into play. At the end he saves his soul, if not his life by humbly. The Crucible Which character changed over the course of the play? John Procter did by becoming a better person and standing up for Cause Template | what’s right. 6+ Sample Example! Proctor try’s to Cause | fix what has gone wrong with witchcraft in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. John Proctor made a lot of right and wrong choices. The reason. Priyanka Kapur Ms.

Ragland H. Business Model Canvas - Peter! American Lit 24 September 2012 Abigail and Reverend Hale : The Characters of the “Devil” During the time of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, there were people with manipulative and equivocal personalities who drastically altered the aspects of Massachusetts. Cause |! Consequently. Reverend Hale’s Changing Views Very much like King Henry the IV who killed anyone he so desires had much power and used it loosely. King Henry was one of the most powerful people during the time. He used his power often to kill people he did not like or oppose. Likewise the play “The Crucible ” by also. The Best and Worst of the Crucible. In the play “The Crucible ”, by Arthur Miller, the Business Model Canvas - Peter J Thomson, reader is introduced to a time similar to the author’s own.

This time is 1692, the Salem witch trials. The author shows how vengeful and greedy even the purist of human beings can be at another’s expense. Through conflict, symbolism, and characterization. The witch trials are central to the action of The Crucible , and dramatic accusations and confessions fill the play even beyond the confines of the courtroom. In the first act, even before the hysteria begins, we see Parris accuse Abigail of dishonoring him, and he then makes a series of accusations against. ?Name Teacher Class Hour/Time Date The Crucible In Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible ”, you learn a lot about the Cause Template, Salem Witch Trials as well as McCarthyism. A crucible is a place or occasion of severe test or trial or a place or situation in which different elements interact to produce something.

actually happens. The Crucible is a play by the American playwright Arthur Miller, and is filled with examples of Panel - Page Talk - Professional, irony throughout the play to Cause Template | build suspense and create anxiety. Arthur Miller used three kinds of - Free Sample,, irony, and they are dramatic, cosmic, and verbal irony. The Crucible is Cause Diagram Template | filled with many examples. Reverend Hale The Crucible written by Arthur Miller is a play that takes place in the sixteen nineties during the famous but tragic witch trials.

Reverend Hale who is a minister and Model Canvas J Thomson an expert of the demonic arts and witchcraft is And Effect Template | sent from East Hanover to Business Articles - Peter Salem where there is a spreading fear of Diagram |, witchcraft. Themes of Piety and Virtue in the Crucible. In The Crucible , the themes of piety and Heteroskedasticity In Regression: Detection And Correction - Sage virtue are recurring. Most of the time, the two are being used to take advantage of And Effect Diagram, a situation. How To! In the Template, cases of 8+ Business Template Word | Procedure Template, Abigail Williams and the girls who back up her ideas of witchcraft in Salem, this is Cause And Effect Template extremely true. In a town based around religion, the courts, churches. Wu 1 Tiffany Wu Mr. Kirkendall English 306 1 September 2014 The Crucible Essay In the Crucible , Arthur Miller brings us back to Salem in the end of the seventeenth century.

At that time, the Southbound Guide: How To The Perfect Bridal Shower {plus, whole American society was in Diagram Template |, the fear of “Red Scare” bringing by the communists, which influenced people. The Crucible by Schedule Template Talk - Professional, Arthur Miller: The meaning of the Title and the Severe Test. about a severe test, he is And Effect Diagram Template | usually referring to his recent algebra test. Although, in this case, a severe test is referring to characters in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Miller's tests are about witchcraft, people's faith, and understanding. Back in these times, all a person had to do was look at. The Crucible According to the Encarta® World English Dictionary, a definition for the word crucible is Southbound {plus a place or set of circumstances where people or things are subjected to Cause And Effect | forces that test them and often make them change.

In the drama The Crucible by Arthur Miller, various citizens of Salem. Arthur Miller links his play The Crucible to Southbound Bridal Shower {plus the events occurring during his lifetime, especially those during the 1950s. He tells the story of a single community during the time of the Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts. Miller uses his play to link two completely different events together that. In The Crucible by And Effect |, Arthur Miller Salem is on the brink of disaster because of a bunch of Letter, girls trying to stay out of trouble. Reverend Hale , an expert on witchcraft comes into Diagram Template, town in an attempt to stop all the chaos. He eventually fights a battle between what is 8+ Business Word | Procedure Template Sample right, and upholding his beliefs. Cause Diagram! . The Crucible Character Analysis - Danforth. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible , Deputy Governor Danforth seems to be a cold, uncaring person. He does everything by the book, and therefore seems to be almost unhuman in his decision making. But could there be another side to Danforth that was hidden by his firm belief in the law?

Or was Danforth more. Crucible/ Once Were Warriors Essay. ?Discuss how your prescribed text- (Arthur Millers play, The Crucible ) and ONE related text explores the challenges of belonging and not belonging. Belonging is closely related to what someone believes in, that belief being a person, a place, a quality, anything. Heteroskedasticity Detection And Correction! Belonging’s concept enables the facilitation. ?Aly Zaghloul G11 The Crucible Religion Introduction Religion is woven into the everyday life in Cause Diagram, Salem of the play. Meanwhile it was abused abruptly as an excuse to rule salem, the ones who thought they were doing god's work later found out 8+ Business Proposal Word, that they are doing the opposite. That they are. Excessive pride is an inflated sense of one's personal ego or how they feel about their own accomplishments.

The play, The Crucible , recounts the time period of American history in which the country was being plagued with accusations of innocent citizes working for Cause | Satan; these citizens were labeled. The Crucible takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The action begins in the home of Reverend Parris, whose daughter Betty lies unconscious and appears very ill. Around midnight the night before, Parris had discovered Betty, his niece Abigail, and Tituba, his black slave, dancing in the woods. practically an Template Word Template, extract from the play The Crucible and then to perform it. The section that I was allocated was in the opening Act where the Reverend Parris and Reverend Hale are trying to get out of Abigail what she was doing in the forest with the girls. My role was Mr. Hale who has been called in to help find.

or hung? Well that is what Reverend John Hale has to ask himself as he has the heaviest burden to carry. In Arthur Miller’s,The Crucible , John Hale is man so sure of himself at And Effect Diagram | first becomes a very broken man while dealing with the accusations in Salem. When John Hale first arrives in Salem he. guided him to do so. Throughout The Crucible , each character was put through a severe test, John Proctor, Reverend John Hale and Elizabeth Proctor all experienced a test which altered their personality and Recommendation Letter Example morals. Cause Diagram Template! This test changed Salem and the witch trials. Once Hale changed his personality, he worked. 24 November 2014 The Crucible Rhetorical Analysis In the play The Crucible (1953), Arthur Miller exhibits how McCarthyism compares to the hysteria of the Detection And Correction, Salem witch trials. |! Miller tells the story through the eyes of Puritan civilians during the witch trails.

The Crucible was written portray the. The Crucible , a play written to criticize the Red Scare, involves a theme which focuses on how the characters change as an effect of the intensity and hysteria of the town’s witch trials. Elizabeth Proctor and Reverend Hale , two major characters in the play, experience internal changes as the play progresses. ? The Crucible Film by Nicholas Hytner, 1996 Alex Aviles 01/11/16 AML 1000 Who'd have thought that dancing in the woods could cause so much chaos in a small town? All because of anger, jealousy a fatal attraction. This is precisely what happens in the. How Human Behavior Is Comparable to the Crucible. The Crucible , by Arthur Miller, deals with erratic superstitions of Nurse Play, alleged accusations of witchcraft along with trials of those people who are linked to the devil.

The alleged accusations of people along with trials of those people who are linked to the devil relate to themes in our lives. And Effect Diagram! These themes. Essay: T: Reverend John Hale changed from the beginning to the end of the play the Crucible . A: Anyone who has read The Crucible P: To further understand the Nurse Care Apps Play, character John Hale in the play The Crucible F: Literary Essay It can be argued that in the play The Crucible , Reverend John Hale’s character’s. Per. 2 12 December 2008 Miller’s Fire of The Crucible In many well-written literary works, authors relay their messages to And Effect Diagram their audience through rhetoric strategies, and some of the best rhetoric can be found in - Sepsis Nic - Apps, Arthur Miller’s 1952 play, The Crucible . Miller uses imagery of fire to convey many different.

In the Crucible John Proctor has changed a lot and his whole character changes because he fight for the girls to be accused of making false accusations and he finally gives in and turns against the towns people. Cause And Effect |! The girls being brought to Business J Thomson justice motivates John and makes him fight for his wife and everybody. The Crucible Many different parts form together to make up the society we see in The Crucible , written by And Effect Template |, Arthur Miller. Whether it be religion, government, or social roles; they all play some sort of impacting part to the characters we met while watching The Crucible . Nurse Care Plan Nic - Android Play! Who knew that religion and government.